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  • Letter of Credit

    • Business Introduction
      A letter of credit is a payment commitment issued by the issuing bank to the beneficiary (or exporter) at the request of importer. When the beneficiary's presentation complies with the terms and conditions stipulated in the letter of credit, the issuing bank irrevocablly undertakes to make its payment obligations to the beneficiary.

      Business Scope:

      1. Letters of credit with real trade background.
      2.Letters of credit in USD, CNY, and EUR currencies are supported. For other currencies, please inquire via email: tf@cbibank.com.
    • Business preparement
      The beneficiary must open a corporate account in our bank.
    • Business Consulting
      For more business questions, please send email to tf@cbibank.com, it is recommended to provide the following information in the email: your company name; contact name; contact phone number; email address; the specific questions about the letter of credit, etc.