Key Opinion Leader

head Guang Yang
Senior Managing Director of China Merchants Capital
China Merchants Capital warmly congratulates CBiBank on its grand opening. With the professional banking service team of CBiBank, China Merchants Capital believes the extensive and high-quality international financial services offered by CBiBank will help many small and medium-sized enterprises to grow steadily and prosperously.
head Huan Yang
Managing Director of Joyvio Groups
CBiBank is an expert in international banking service for multinational SMEs. Based in America with a professional team, CBiBank offers a trustworthy and efficient service and so as to empower SMEs grow. The SMEs deserve this.
head Qiang Zhang
President of Qunar & CEO of Lv Yue Group
CBiBank is professional in international banking service for transnational SMEs. It can be the best choice for SMEs when traditional banking service is insufficient. Enjoying the specialized professional, safe and convenient international banking service, SMEs deserve this.
head Jun Xue
Fouding Partner of TusPark Ventures & THC Ventures
CBiBank has already run smoothly for months, I am very impressed by its team professionalism and engagement. CBiBank aims to provide safe, fast and convenient international banking service for transnational SMEs and enables them to grow steadily and increases their financial efficiency.
head Monica Mo
Famous actress, Founder of Zhunle
A successful play relies on the professionalism of teamwork as well as any other product. It’s trusting that the expert team of CBiBank will bring fast, convenient and safe international banking service to transnational SMEs. Congratulations to the grand opening of CBiBank!
head Dun Xiao
Co-founder of 17EdTech
CBiBank shares the same view with 17EdTech to support customers, increasing their efficiency. Relying on CBiBank’s professional banking team, transnational SMEs will get safe and convenient international banking service that enables their business growth financial-wise.
head David Ho
Independent Director of DBS HK
Director of CMCC
I warmly welcome new players to join finance arena and this increases the industry diversity. CBiBank, registered in America, is leading in internet banking. With its professional team, CBiBank is trustworthy and will support the transnational SMEs with safe and convenient international banking service.
head Tianzhen Yang
Founder of Easy Entertainment
Congratulations to the grand opening of CBiBank! CBiBank is pioneering in the fintech industry and aiming to provide the most professional, convenient and safest international banking service. It can be the new banking approach for international artists.
head Liyun Ru
Founder & CEO of Putao ABC
Strategy Advisor of Sogou
Congratulations to the opening of CBiBank! It’s a golden rule for all companies’success that trusted product, professional team and caring service is a must. CBiBank is just a very bank of this kind from the U.S. Per to its professional, convenient and safe international banking service, CbiBank is the new banking approach for international SMEs.
head Kebin Dai
Founder&CEO of Liepin
Congratulations to the grand opening of CBiBank from Just as employees with clear guidance will get triumph in their career paths, companies backboned by strong bank will boom prosperously. CBiBank supports transnational SMEs to grow steadily with its professional, safe and trustworthy international bank services.
head Feng Lun
Chairman of Wantong Holdings
Congratulations on the grand opening of CBiBank! China Binary new fintech group is a forward-thinking fintech company, with the richness and plenty of successful ‘new finance’ and payment experience. Inheriting from brand promise, CBiBank launches leading-edge international banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises. CBiBank’s expertise will support the development of startups, international services companies, and multi-national investment & financing enterprises.
head Yan Li
CEO of Wiseasy
Wiseasy is pleased to offer its sincerest congratulations on the opening of CBiBank.CBiBank provides safe, professional, fast and convenient international banking service helping small and medium-sized transnational to succeed.
head Honfei Tian
Partner of iVision Ventures
Congratulations to CBiBank opening. Known as the first private international internet bank, CBiBank is founded with its foreseeable entrepreneur and expertise team.CBiBank represents safety, profession, and trustworthy international banking service for international SMEs.
head Wen Xin
Partner at Ceyuan Venture Capital
A warm congratulations to CBiBank on its grand opening! CBiBank and Ceyuan Venture Capital share the same mission in helping entrepreneurs grow. Ceyuan has expertise on investment, while CBiBank excels in banking service. The hotly anticipated CBiBank offers professional and convenient international banking services for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.
head Shanhu Xing
CEO of Loco Joy
Loco Joy, with great pleasure, congratulates CBiBank on its opening.CBiBank, based in the United States, provides an innovative banking services offering a smart alternative to the traditional banking sector. CBiBank is a trustworthy partner for small and medium-sized enterprises.
head KaiYuan Zhou
Founder of Micamika &17173
CBiBank's management team and technical team have distinct genes for financial technology and service, who have been deeply working on financial services for years, with strong capability and high credibility. Congratulations on the vigorous development of CBiBank business!
head Xiaoping Chen
Chairman of Viomi Technology (NASDAQ:VIOT)
The Internet Plus Era makes it possible that the future could be defined by the present.
The all-household-Smart-appliances is redefining the future of home by building smart home and upgrading consumption.
Dedicated to the digitalization of new financial services, CBiBank is committed to providing professional and custom-tailored financial solutions via the new fintech. CBiBank is going to herald the future of the banking industry.
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