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CB International Bank

CBiBank is a US-based commercial bank. Catering for the international business needs, CBiBank is specialised in providing international financial services.

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Our quick account opening process will ensure your account is opened and ready for use within 7 business days.


You can open your CBiBank account online which is fast and secure. No branch visit is required.

Service Excellent

24/7 online support. Multi-language customer service representatives.
Instant message notifications when payments reach your account.


US Government licensed and supervised commercial bank.
Stringent data security and high customer privacy protection.
Risk and Compliance are managed by industry professionals.

CBiBank Makes The Difference


Financial Services


Bank Account

User-friendly application process and real time application status check. One-stop comprehensive banking service.



Support exchange and transfers in multiple currencies, including USD, RMB, EUR, GBP, HKD and many more.



Meet your business needs in salary payments, fund transfers, goods/inventory purchases and many more.


Financial Product

Flexible products and premium services to support your business growth.

Customer Solutions

We provide customized and convenient banking services (bank account opening, payments, money transfers and some other services) for service-oriented companies, like outsourcing companies, Internet operation companies doing international business.

Services Import & Export Business

We provide customized and convenient banking services for online merchants and traditional import and export SMEs , for instance, bank account opening, payments, money transfers, etc.

Import and Export Enterprises

We provide customized, convenient, and diversified banking services for international investment companies doing investment projects.

International Investment Companies

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About us

CB International Bank LLC

CB International Bank (CBiBank) is a commercial bank headquartered in the United States. Its ABA number is 021508125 and SWIFT code is CBLBPRSJ.

CBiBank is also a member of many international institutions such as Cross-border RMB Clearing (CIPS) and UnionPay International (UNIONPAY). Adhering to the concepts of internationalisation, digitalisation, and professionalisation, CBiBank actively explores the new banking model under the trend of economic globalisation, focuses on the practice of Inclusive Finance, and is highly committed to making the international payments and collections more convenient for small and medium-sized enterprises, and to supporting the emerging middle class to diversify and increase their wealth.

CBiBank promotes sound and compliant business management philosophy, and understands the uncertainties faced by small and medium-sized enterprises and the emerging middle class in depth. For this reason, we endeavour to provide more user-friendly products and services. CBiBank has always been a trusted bank and reliable partner for our customers.


ST 330, 270 Munoz Rivera Ave, San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States 00918


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